Improve your delivery time

Expand your team at lower cost

We specialize in providing outsourcing teams, individual resources and key in hand agile software development


Lease a dedicated team

Create a dedicated team that you manage or use under the supervision of one of our project managers.  A great solution to deliver the next iteration of your software or to refactor your legacy applications faster.


Application development

Let us build and test your application at a lesser cost. In coordination with your product manager our team will review the specification documents and propose a platform, architecture and the resources required to bring your idea to fruition.


Lease one or more developers

Lease developers, QA and designers to complete your team. Manage the relationship directly or via one of our project managers. Integrate our remote developers into your team for one monthly fee.

Migrate your applications to the cloud transparently by outsourcing the project.

How it works

Your needs come first and depending on the service you are using we may suggest different approaches but always listening to your needs first. Application development is done with Visual Studio Online, giving you access to follow the progress and evolution of your application.

For dedicated teams, full integration within your network or creation of a separate domain is up to you! We can fully adapt our services to your requirements.


Have an idea

So, you have a great project and would like to know how to go about it.  Let’s meet to review your needs and evaluate it. Do you have a team? Let’s see how we can expand and enrich your team to deliver the project faster.  You don’t have a team, no worries, we can develop the full application using our team of great developers.


Spec it!

No matter what the project is, the most important step is writing the specifications.  To save time and money, we collaborate with you in defining the application to meet and respect your needs.


Bring your project to life

After careful review of the project, be it providing developers to join your team or building an application in-house, this is where we deliver.



Once we deliver our services, you are not alone.  We follow up with your team to make sure everything is going smoothly.

Interested in being our customer?

No problem, contact us and we will be happy to help you with any issues or questions.

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